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Setsuro Tech Inc. is a biotechnology startup founded on February 22, 2017, established by Professor Tatsuya Takemoto (CTO) and his team at the Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences, Tokushima University. Professor Takemoto and Dr. Masakazu Hashimoto of Osaka University developed a method to easily and efficiently generate genetically engineered (genome-edited) mice using CRISPR/Cas9 in 2015 and filed a patent application for the technology. The technology, called “genome editing by electroporation of Cas9 protein” (GEEP method), introduces factors necessary for genome editing by CRISPR/Cas9 into fertilized eggs in a high-throughput manner using electric power (electroporation). With this technology, Setsuro Tech aims to become a fundamental company providing a wide range of genetically engineered animals, starting with the generation and sale of genetically engineered mice, foreseeing the application of genetically engineered animals in industry.

Company SetsuroTech Inc. 
Head Office 3-18-15 Fujii Memorial Institute of Medical Science, Kuramotocho,Tokushima-shi, Tokushima, 770-0053, Japan
Chairman&CTO / CEO Tatsuya Takemoto(Chairman&CTO)/ Shinichiro Takezawa(CEO)
Founded in 22 February 2017
Other Startup specialized in genome editing, originated in Tokushima University
Animal protection Using facilities accredited by the Japanese Association of Laboratory Animal Facilities of National University Corporations


Enriching people’s lives through the revolutionary genome editing industry

Fostering the genome editing industry through research and development support
Setsuro Tech aims to continuously improve its corporate value by enriching people’s lives, contributing to their health, and contributing to the development of industry through innovations in genome editing technology. To this end, we will first support the research and development of pharmaceutical and food manufacturers as well as university researchers by providing support tools and service for their research activities.

Our goal is to become a global genome editing services company by developing our business overseas utilizing the sophisticated technology we have developed through our business evolution in Japan. We will contribute to the development of genome editing technology and the cultivation of industry, as well as to the development of human health and industry in Japan and abroad.

Initiatives for Animal Experiments

We provide related education and training to personnel in charge of animal experiments, as needed, for them to acquire knowledge about proper experimentation, breeding and storage procedures concerning experimental animals and to improve their expertise.

Our laboratory facilities are accredited by the Japanese Association of Laboratory Animal Facilities in Japan, and our spirit of animal welfare is thoroughly enforced in accordance with guidelines. We also express our gratitude and respect to the experimental animals that are sacrificed for our business and research activities at the annual animal memorial service.

Awards and Grants

2016.12.8 Awarded the Best Award in the Technology Commercialization Program (TCP) of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
2016.12.13 Awarded the Special Judge Prize in the Business Contest YOAKE sponsored by WILL GROUP, INC.
2016.12.28 Adopted as a startup innovator (SUI) by NEDO
2017.02.22 Founding of SetsuroTech
2017.04.12 Awarded the Yoshitaka Kitao Award at the 2nd Japan Entrepreneur Award
2017.07.8 Awarded the Partner Company Award in the Tokushima Tech Grand Prix sponsored by Tokushima Tech Planter
2017.07.11 Acquired certification based on the Act on Enhancement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises’ Core Manufacturing Technology
2017.09.15 Awarded the Mitsubishi Research Institute Award from the Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future
2017.10.23 Selected for ILS2017 TOP100 Startup at the 5th Innovation Leaders’ Summit supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
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